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Ceelin Chewables Review and A Unilab Giveaway

Nowadays, weather can be unpredictable. Even the weather bureau admitted the abnormality of the seasons, and that is uncontrollable.

Such fickle-minded weather can caused sicknesses like coughs, colds and flu, especially to those who have low body immune system. Don’t belittle a simple colds or cough, it can lead to a more serious health problem if not immediately attended to.

Kids are more prone to the effects of abrupt weather changes so they have to be protected, like giving them Vitamin C to boost immunity against sickness.

Vitamin C helps the body’s natural defense against damaging free radicals. Free radicals are highly reactive and unstable chemicals generated during normal body activities that require oxygen (e.g., respiration, digestion, blood circulation, immune system response, etc.) and after exposure to UV light, cigarette smoke and various pollutants.

Vitamin C forms part of the body’s natural immune system and stimulates the activity of specialized white blood cells which inhibit harmful bacteria and viruses. Vitamin C is also needed for the formation of the protein, collagen. Collagen is important in the formation of bones, teeth, cartilage, and skin and helps promote faster wound healing.

And the Vitamin C that is most prescribed by doctors and most trusted by mothers is Ceelin. I never missed a day to give my kids either Ceelin Plus Syrup or their favorite, Ceelin Chewables.

Ceelin Chewables is round, speckled, orange-colored, orange-flavored tablets that both my two and five year old kids love. They thought it was just a simple candy and always having fun chewing it, so there’s no hard time giving them Vitamin C!

Now is the time to keep your kids fully protected and boost their immune system with Ceelin Chewables. The 60 tablets of 100mg vitamin is not expensive at all!

Unilab is the maker of Ceelin Chewables.

Unilab is the biggest pharmaceutical company in the Philippines and aimed to provide quality and affordable healthcare products and services that promote and enrich life for all communities. Unilab continues to be recognized by various respected groups of professionals, which cite the company for its commitment and dedication to continuously raise the standards in the pharmaceutical industry.


If you’re a follower of Our Priceless Treasures, you deserve a treat from Unilab! ONE will win P1,500 worth of any Unilab products of his choice (but subject to availability). This giveaway is open to all Philippine residents only. It will run until January 31, 2013 at 11:59 PM. The winner has only 48 hours to reply to the emailed notice of winning, otherwise, another winner will be drawn. Submit your entries via raffle form below. All entries will be verified.

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  1. my fave unilab products are..bonamine (always kxe q umiinom pg nbyahe ndi pwdng wla 🙂 tiki-tiki (vitamins ng baby q) biogesic (kapag mskit ulo q) ph care products (for me)..so many to mention! i always trust unilab!

  2. I want a ascorbic acid ceelin chewable for my 7-year-old daughter..before i used to gave her the syrup but due to her hectic sched in school…there are times that I forgot to gave her a dose of ceelin syrup coz im the only one who take good care of all the things she needed both school and home…when I shift to ceelin chewable anytime and anywhere she could able to take it even Im not beside her…hoping to win in your promo blogs..thanks in advance and goodluck to all =)

  3. i’m using Ceelin Plus for my three-year old son and i’m very satisfied and happy because he’s got his best protection from colds.

  4. My favorite UNILAB products are Ceelin Plus Ascorbic Acid Zinc, Biogesic for kids and Bioflu. It’s so effective to my daughter and for us adults. more power UNILAB!

  5. My favorite Unilab product is Diatabs because it always saves me from embarrassment and just hit on time whenever diarrhea strikes 🙂

  6. My favorite Unilab products are:

    Asian Secrets Lulur Whitening Body Scrub
    Celeteque Advanced Anti-Wrinkle Facial Moisturizer Liquid
    Myra E 400 IU Softgel Capsule
    Myra VitaWhite Whitening Face Lotion Liquid

    These are mostly beauty products but I have been taking Unilab medications because I really trust their drug quality and effectivity. 🙂

  7. My favorite Unilab product is Ceelin Chewables because it makes taking medicine easy for my toddler. She doesn’t like syrups, Ceelin Chewables makes her think it’s candy though she always refer to it as vitamins. 😀

  8. My favorite Unilab product is Ceelin (for my son) and Athena Milk Flavored drink (for me). My son just loves the tadte of Ceelin!

  9. My favorite unilab products are ph care and myra300 E soft Gel
    I can’t live without these products samahan pa ng Ceelin Plus for my kids as for their daily dose of vitamin c…

  10. I love using Asian Secrets.. I’d been using it for a year, its so effective on my skin, the uneven skin tone and the dark spots on my back really amazingly disappear by continues using of this product.

  11. My Favorite Unilab products are:
    Ceelin Plus for my kids. I been using and trusted this ever since because it makes my kids’ immune system strong enough to fight such harmful viruses.
    Celeteque Advanced Anti-Wrinkle Facial Moisturizer Liquid for me… because it is really effective on me since i used it.

  12. My favorite Unilab product is the Bioflu always prepare some stock at home since not sure who in the family will get flu even a small sign of cold they immediately drink BioFlu

  13. What is your favorite Unilab product?
    i love Unilab products!
    Biogesic, Alaxan FR, Enervon Tablet, Kremil S, Myra 300-E 300 IU Softgel Capsule, Neozep Non-Drowsy 10 mg/ 500 mg Tablet, Solmux 500 mg Capsule

  14. Celeteque Facial Moisturizer Liquid, Myra E products, biogesic & ceelin for my little sissy. Very useful on our daily living and at the same time very effective! Thanks UNILAB! 🙂

  15. My favorite UNILAB products are Ceelin Chewables, Biogesic, Alaxan and Bonamine. These products definitely help my well-being especially preventing sicknesses. Thanks, UNILAB. 🙂

  16. My favorite Unilab product is Ceelin. I consider Ceelin as my partner in protecting my son health and well-being.very satisfied with taking Ceelin Syrup had done to my son. Unlike other children at his age, my son very seldom gets the flu. Her stamina is very strong and he doesn’t get sick often.

  17. I love Ceelin for my daughter ,Alaxan FR for my hubby, Myra E and Celeteque Products for me 🙂 Salamat sa Unilab 🙂

  18. My favorite Unilab product would have to be Ceelin because it’s been keeping my son’s immune system strong since he was still a baby.

  19. My favorites are Biogesic/Bioflu/Decolgen (no drowse)/Diatab/Ceelin Plus.
    These are medicines/vitamins must haves

  20. I have always stock Biogesic in my medicine kit, Biogesic is the best for headache and is safe even for the pregnant women.

  21. My favorite Unilab products are ActiBoost School Milk Powder and Myra E Shine Free Face Powder Compact Powder (Light Shade)

  22. I love Celeteque advanced anti-wrinkle facial moisturizer liquid perfect for someone who’s in their 30’s like me, keeping women’s youthful glow =)

  23. Ceelin chewables daily vitamins and biogesics for their fever,… for my kids
    alaxan FR for my husband’s body pain reliever
    Asian secrets and celeteque for me 🙂

  24. My son loves Ceelin ever since while I love Carbtrim and Myra E supplements. My son’s pedia always give us Unilab medicines. Thank you so much Unilab for running this giveaway with Our Priceless Treasures’ collaboration. ^_^ May you continue to give us what’s simply the best for our health! Hoorray!

  25. My favorite Unilab product is Ceelin for my baby, Myra E. for me and Biogesic for my husband! very helpful ever since, trusted for years.

  26. My favorite UNILAB products
    are ceelin when i was a kid, tiki tiki for my baby, and biogesic, i take this always if i am sick.

  27. Allerkid Syrup, Biogesic Tab, Ceelin Chewable Tab, Conzace Softgel, Myra E Softgel, Neozep Tab, Solmux Caps and Tuseran Forte are some of my favorites! 🙂

  28. Tested and trusted Unilab products:

    Ceelin Syrup: my baby’s vitamin since birth till now that she’s 4
    Amoclav suspension: doc’s recommended antibacterial brand
    Enervon: for me & hubby

    myra E
    alaxan FR

  29. I love and appreciate taking Conzace. It is very effective and efficient for me because I do schoolworks for long nights and it helps prevent headaches the next day.

  30. me and my family’s all time fve unilab product is TIKI-TIKI! from my grandparents to my own son, we’re all tiki-tiki babies! 🙂

  31. I’m currently using Multivitamins Enervon Tablet. This is my favorite Unilab Product for my body and for me to increased energy. Sabi nga nila sakin kaya akong laging energy sa work. haha it reflects!

  32. i love your myra-e products, ascorbic acid ceelin, allerta, asian secret lulur, bioflu and biogesic (ingat!) :^_^:

  33. Of course Alaxan FR 200 mg/325 mg Capsule because I love sports and UNILAB products will help my immune system to be fit and healthy! also, Alaxan FR 200 mg/325 mg Capsule will alleviate my muscle pain whenever i do strenuous activities!

  34. I love Myra 400 E, Myra Lotion,Ceelin coz its my kids most trusted vitamins and of course Biogesic tablet, the safest paracetamol brand 🙂

  35. My favorite Unilab products are Myra E 400 IU Softgel Capsule and
    Myra VitaWhite Whitening Face Lotion for a younger looking ME

  36. I like Myra-E, Athena Milk, Biogesic, Enervon c, ceelin syrup,celeteque, skin cravings, asian secret and all other Unilab Products kasi tiwala ako sa inyo!

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