There have been quite a lot of researches on the actual effects on young children of a working mother. Some would say that a stay at home mom do bring up normal happy children but if unwilling, she can suffer from depression and frustration. But is it really worth it to work outside home? Dr. George Brown in London thus found out on his research: * The children of working mothers did not often feel abandoned and unwanted, but were

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There again his tantrums. He want this, he want that. He don’t like to eat this. He’s asking for that toy which annoys you more. And you’re already fed up. But do you need to shout make him stop? Or worst, hurt him to end it? Parents and guardians have different ways of disciplining their children. For impatient parents, they resorts to kurot, pingot, batok, sampal, palo sa puwet, gulpe de gulat, and mata lang ang walang latay. But when

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It was a powerful film that made me cry and appreciate my father more. Our parents are the very first best people we can have in the world. There are circumstances, that it take some time to realized what they have done for us are for our own good. Never judge them easily. The video shared above is from Viddsee with title, Gift.

You may agree or not but this video which I happened to stumbled online gave me so much laugh. In reality, some of the scenes portrayed in the video were funny true. Enjoy!