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  • Education,  Parenting

    The Correlation of Math and Music

    Did you know that some ancient Greek philosophers believed that music is a genre of Mathematics? Music, after all, follows basic mathematical principles. Rhythms, chords, time signatures all entail the use math concepts. Researches attempting to prove the correlation between math and music were fueled by the “Mozart Effect” which suggests that people perform better at spatial-temporal tasks while listening to Mozart. While it is true that many brilliant scientists and mathematicians are also gifted musicians, the converse is not necessarily true. Only a few musicians can be considered math geniuses. However, any musical training does involve great focus and good memory – skills that are important in any learning…

  • Babies & Toddlers,  Parenting

    Kids Knew Anger Management Too!

    I just love how my 3-year old boy manage my anger. When you’re starting to nag at him, he would say… “Mommy, ekis ang away.” (Fighting is a no no). Before, he would ask “Mommy, lab mo ako?” (Mommy, do you love me?) When he thinks you’re really angry, he would cry (and he glimpses to know your reaction!). If you pretend not to cake, he would hug you tight and will not let go until you say, “hindi na ako galit.” (I am not angry anymore). And then, he would follow whatever you told him. Kids were different, of course. But I am glad to have a mature and…

  • Education,  Parenting

    How Kids Apps Help Children Learn

    Much as we want to steer our children away from gadgets, we have to accept that times have changed and technology is very much part of our lives now. Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying that you should let your kids play on their iPads all day long. I’m saying that you could take advantage of technology to help kids learn. There are many apps that can be downloaded to aid your child in his development. Educational apps such as Reading Eggs help children build their vocabulary. Storytelling apps with interactive programs help foster a love for reading and stimulate creativity. Some of their game apps are not only…