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    How Kids Apps Help Children Learn

    Much as we want to steer our children away from gadgets, we have to accept that times have changed and technology is very much part of our lives now. Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying that you should let your kids play on their iPads all day long. I’m saying that you could take advantage of technology to help kids learn. There are many apps that can be downloaded to aid your child in his development. Educational apps such as Reading Eggs help children build their vocabulary. Storytelling apps with interactive programs help foster a love for reading and stimulate creativity. Some of their game apps are not only…

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    Teaching Your Child The Value Of Money At Early Age

    As young as three years old, I already taught my eldest child the value of saving. At this early, she’s already aware of the basics of money. If not checking on my wallet, she actually asked me for some pennies. BUT, she is not asking for coins just to buy something she like… she wants to keep it. She told me that she’s saving to buy her little brother “a pair of shoes, bag, school uniform, and school supplies.” I laughed but touched by her sweet gesture. And then I told her that she cannot just ask for money from us or from anyone. Money should be earned by working,…

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    Finding A Child Learning Center That Cares

    A new school year is on its way, and that means enrollment season once again! It must be a tough decision for some parents to choose the right school or learning center for their children. If you have kids aged 2-6 years old, check out the Kiddie Miracles Childcare Learning Center. Founded in 2008, the school offers programs for four grade levels: Toddlers, Nursery, Kindergarten (K1) and Preparatory (K2). It uses a Montessori-style approach, focusing on individual instruction in order to maximize the child’s potential. At affordable rates (Php 40,000 tuition fee for the entire year and a Php 5,000 registration fee), Kiddie Miracles is definitely a great place for…