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    Tips for People Thinking About Going Back to School

    These days, many adults are thinking about going back to school to further pursue their education. Going back to school can be very good for your career, whether you are starting out in a new field and need an education in it, or you are trying to move up in the career that you already have and find yourself limited because of your current education. Luckily, it is now easier than ever for adults to go back to school to get the education that they want and deserve. Here are some tips to help you get started on your own educational path to success. First of all, decide exactly what…

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    Things to Consider in the Right Choosing University for your Child

    Globalization has created more options and opportunities and we tend to be overwhelmed by them. Finding the appropriate institution to handle our children’s education can be a daunting task if we do not have proper guidance in choosing. The demands of the markets are constantly evolving, and relying on old advice for a brave new world may not always produce the best results. Consequently, education has also been adapting to catch up to the needs of the globalized economy. Choosing a course for tertiary education happens at a young age for students, so it’s very common for them to have a change of heart in the middle of it. While…

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    The Correlation of Math and Music

    Did you know that some ancient Greek philosophers believed that music is a genre of Mathematics? Music, after all, follows basic mathematical principles. Rhythms, chords, time signatures all entail the use math concepts. Researches attempting to prove the correlation between math and music were fueled by the “Mozart Effect” which suggests that people perform better at spatial-temporal tasks while listening to Mozart. While it is true that many brilliant scientists and mathematicians are also gifted musicians, the converse is not necessarily true. Only a few musicians can be considered math geniuses. However, any musical training does involve great focus and good memory – skills that are important in any learning…