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    Take The Challenge: Conserve Water Now!

    Here’s an advocacy that every human must campaign for. It’s now or never. The consequence of ignoring this call would be detrimental to the lives of your family too. Imagine, if you’re so thirsty but when you tried to get water from the faucet, you just squeezed a drop. Can you cook without water? Can you keep a good personal hygiene without water? In short, can you live without water? If you answered NO, then you must act now. Recent studies showed that the Philippines is facing a water crisis over the next 10 years unless new sources are developed to meet growing demand. “There is a [Japan International Cooperation…

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    A Call For Help: Two Angels Knocking To Your Kind Hearts

    We thought that we can be able sustain it. We already sought the help of most of our relatives and friends, but unfortunately, they were not enough. We always asked to ourselves, “Where in God’s hands we can find millions for the operation?” And we were shocked to know that the new members in the family were now both trying to fight for their lives. This is my nephew, John Cyrus. He is just 2-months old and was diagnosed to have Biliary Atresia and was recommended for a very delicate liver transplant. John Cyrus is the first grandchild of my Uncle, on my Mother’s side. His Mother is only 18…

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    Easy Steps To Help Fight Global Warming

    With so many problems and issues in the society nowadays, many would have forgetting something more important – fight against global warming. In some parts of the world, summer is in its high. Can people feel that the sun heat is not the same as before? Year after year, there will be more changes in the eco-system and in the atmosphere. Any of us can do our share to fight global warming. There are easy steps to do so as suggested in Adventure Ecology’s Top 10 for the Planet. 1. Adjust your climate by two degrees. This means turning your heat down by 2 degrees in the winter and the…