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    Who Gets Custody of the Children When Parents Are Not Married?

    Each state in the United States has laws regarding custody and visitation of minor children. The rules are different for married individuals than they are for unmarried individuals. Married individuals have equal custody according to the laws of most states in the United States. Either parent can claim the child and the other parent would have a difficult time removing him or her from the other parent without visiting a courtroom. The situation between unmarried parents is different. In some states, the mother automatically has custody of a child when the parents are unmarried. If the father wants rights to the child, he will have to establish paternity first. Paternity…

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    Why the Internet is the Best Thing Since Electricity

    Everyone complains about their electric bill. But would that $400 a month seem like so much if it made you smarter than Einstein, stronger than Hercules, or richer than Midas? Universally, we would consider it a bargain. That is not to say that we should not care about how much our electricity bill is. The Internet can even help us with that. Did you know that 8.49¢ per kWh. is the lowest rate in Illinois right now? You would if you used some of that electricity to fire up a browser that points to a site like LocalElectricityCompanies.com to compare rates in your local area. Electricity is not an end…

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    Top Father’s Day Gift Ideas

    While it can sometimes be difficult to find a gift to please a man, there are plenty of options out there to excite him. Father’s Day is the perfect opportunity to show Dad just how much he is appreciated. Giving a thoughtful gift can be the way to do so. Personalized Gifts Chances are that Dad is proud of his family and would love a personalized photo or monogrammed gift on Father’s Day. Whether he takes it to the office or displays it at home, items including a computer mouse pad, coffee mug, briefcase and jewelry are ready for use and are a great way to display your love for…