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Book Sales Always Made My Day

With my busy schedule, I rarely visit bookstores. But I love books and I could spend half of my day searching for those titles with interesting titles, especially when the bookstore offers sale items.

Just today, something pushed me to the mall after a meeting with a friend. It amazed me to see that there’s a book fair! Up to 90% off! It’s like, my world stopped for a while and I begun joining the crowd who are also busy looking for books to buy.

These are the books I bought. Five books for only less than $6.00! If they’re on original prices, it would cost me more than $50.00!! Great savings, right?! And I am so excited to read them all!

Mother-Daughter Duet

What Your Daughter Isn’t Telling You

Crazy Busy Beautiful

How Women Get Smart About Money

If only I wasn’t in a hurry because I need to buy rubber grommets at the hardware store, I can find more!

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  1. another reason I love to look through the bins when you first walk into Barnes & Nobles there is no telling what you will find under $5. 🙂 Love, love, love books.

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