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Benefits of Buying Snack Size Candy Bars

Full-size candy bars are always a treat, but they might have more calories than you want in one sitting. They can also be a little on the expensive side when you’re buying for several people, as prizes in a classroom or to give away at a party. There are several times when snack size is the better choice for both health and budgetary reasons.

Get Variety without the Guilt
Choose the variety pack and you can enjoy a range of different flavors. Every fun size bar provides you with a few bites of deliciousness, so you can take in the full flavor without wasting any chocolate or feeling like you’re overindulged.

Easy Prizes for Groups
Whether you’re in charge of the prizes for the little league team or you want to make up treat bags for your kid’s birthday party, fun size bars are a great choice. You’ll have the great selection necessary to suit all of your guest, but you’ll save money over the cost of buying everyone a full size candy bar. You also won’t have to worry about little ones spoiling their dinner when they’re only enjoying a quick snack.

A Better Choice for the Budget
Buying in bulk is always smart when you need candy for a large group, and you’ll stretch the funds even further when you choose the smaller sizes. You’ll be able to supply candy to a larger group without going over your budget. It’s why household and non-profit groups alike shop snack size candy bars when they’re planning a special event.

Help with the Diet
Smaller candy bars aren’t just for budget-minded people and when you’re buying for groups. When people go on diets, they often give up on sweets and candy to help lose weight. However, it’s difficult to maintain these guidelines for weeks or months on end. It’s better to let yourself have an occasional treat so that you won’t give up on the diet completely. Eating just a small part of a giant candy bar may require too much effort, but you can give yourself permission to enjoy a small snack size bar. It’s lower in sugar and calories so you won’t have to feel guilty about the treat.

The next time you’re in the market for candy bars, move past the grocery store checkout line and look at treat size bars. Available in larger bags, they’re a cost-effective choice when you need giveaways or little prizes. They’re also a top option for people who are watching their waistline and want to enjoy just a small treat.

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