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Being A Mom And A Blogger Is Priceless

This is an official entry to Dainty Mom’s Bloggy Goodies Contest, in celebration of the Dainty Mom blog’s 2nd anniversary.

For all the achievements that I had in life, one would stand above all – being a Mom.

When I got pregnant, I am not sure of myself if I could be a good mother. Hey, that’s tough! And I am a career woman. Although I am a breadwinner, I was hesitant to accept the fact that I will be handling my own family too.

Through 9 months of bearing a child inside me, I’m still unsure of myself as a soon-to-be Mom. I used to argue with my Mother, I always contradict her when I’m not comfortable with her decisions. But such disrespectful act was halted more than four years ago. That’s when I gave birth to my first child.

While I was being transferred to a recovery room and a little groggy after a Cesarean operation, in a blur image I saw my Mom ran towards me, then heard her saying “I Love You, Anak.” In all honesty, it was the first time I heard it from her. I knew she loves us but my Mom is not that showy.

From that touching moment, I learned that Mother’s Love can change everything. I was now out of my comfort zones. But it’s worth all sacrifices. In just one sweet smile of your child, it faded away all hurt feelings, doubts and tiredness.

It’s priceless. And it gave me a great sense of purpose.

None of life’s triumphs, wealth and fame can be compared to the experience of being a Mom. It is the only fruition that made me feel like in heaven. And the more you give unconditional love and nurture your kids, the more you will be rewarded with happiness.

Motherhood and Blogging. I find no difference between them. Blogs are my kids too. The better I improve them, the more they will be recognized and it will be a fruitful deed too.

My passion on writing made me love blogging even more as it became a tool not just for expressions but profusely for sharing helpful ideas to others and influencing people to do good.

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  1. Indeed a priceless feat!

    Congrats on your entry. Thank you for sharing such wonderful thoughts on motherhood and blogging. 🙂

  2. Hi good day! We are just wondering what your contact number or email is. Please do reply as soon as you can
    🙂 Thank you!

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