Few weeks ago, my youngest child had to be confined in a private hospital because of pneumonia. We used to ran to AFP Medical Center because my children’s records are already there. But just recently, due to lack of manpower to handle everything, I decided to confined my baby in Bernardino General Hospital in Quirino Highway, San Bartolome, Novaliches, Quezon City, which is nearer in our residence.

Honestly, I am dismayed over Bernardino General Hospital’s services. It may be understandable that it has a smaller building than other general hospitals, but at least they should get rid of malfunctioning equipment or facilities.

Since they have no available private room, we were forced to stay in a ward. Not that I expected, the ward is crowded. What’s worst? Their malfunctioned bed caused my baby to fell! We are not expecting that the bed railing that is supposed to protect him from falling was defective! I actually told the nurse what happened but they only gave us an ice pack! It is only when I insisted to change bed they acted to transfer us. It should be an automatic move for them!

I only held my temper because I do not want to risk the life of my son. Good thing that nothing serious happen to my child after that incident.

Now I learned that the ward area in a private hospital is likely to be worst than of a public hospital. Or is it just at Bernardino General Hospital? Some differences are: they regularly clean the floor, trash bins, comfort room, and change bed sheets every day. Of course, it’s a paid stay, right?

After few days of confinement, we had received our bill. Surprisingly, the amount to be paid is much bigger than expected. I also heard other patients complaining of apparently overcharging. Why complain, after all, it is a private hospital? But if you would check the breakdown of the said to be hospital expenses for inpatient, they are some items which apparently have unreasonable prices.

If not without the Philippine Health Insurance Corporation (PHIC) or Medicard, we might become hostage at the hospital.

Well, it could be worst in other private hospitals.