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Are We There Yet?

Family car trips can make any parent want to pull the hair out of his or her head. A group of people confined to a small space for a long period of time, without a bathroom – that’s not anyone’s definition of fun! Somehow plugging in and tuning out by turning on the DVD player or individual iPods in the car- while keeping the peace, separates the family, instead of bringing them together – not always the best way to kick off a vacation. Besides, they get enough sitting on the leather chairs watching TV at home – this is vacation! So with a little creativity and imagination you can make your next car trip not only less challenging, but actually interactive and fun.

Twenty Questions:

One player thinks of a famous person, place or thing. Everyone asks the player a total of 20 questions, which have to be answered “yes” or “no.” For example, “Is it bigger than a car?” is a question you can ask, but you could not ask “How big is it?” The person who correctly guesses (or comes closest) is the winner. The winner is the next person to think up something and the game continues.


One person starts the game by stating some place –any place- in the world; it can be a city, state or country. For example: “Massachusetts”. The next person has to think of a place that begins with the last letter of that place, in this case “S” such as “South Carolina.” The next person needs to think of a place that starts with an “A”, for example “Africa”, and so on. The same location cannot be used twice and all places must really exist. When a player is stumped they are no longer in the game. The last remaining player wins.

License Plate Lingo:

This game is a bit of a contest that requires quick thinking. The goal of this game is to come up with a phrase based on the letters of another car’s license plate. For example, if you see the plate BME 975, the first person to call out a somewhat logical phrase such as “Best mother ever” earns a point. The key to this game is having someone call out the letters from a car or truck having people think fast! Remember to have someone keep score if you’re competitive or just do it for fun!

The Never Ending Story:

Everyone is a winner in this game—it’s all about the fun! One person in the car starts story by creating the first line of the story. It can be a “Once upon a time…” or something timelier like “Last week Billy and Joe …” or something totally different on another planet or time zone – be creative! Now, each person in the car adds a line or two to the story and it builds. You can keep this going as long or as short as you want and decide who gets to create the ending. To increase the difficulty and keep this interesting you can add fun rules as the story progresses such as sentences have to rhyme, or every other sentence has to include a color.

So make your next road trip fun and interactive by trying some of these games. Then once you reach your destination they can relax all they want on the comfy sofa and spread out. Perhaps then they’ll want to continue to play games because they had so much fun while they were in the car!

Ellen is a blogger who spent many hours of her childhood in the car saying “are we there yet?”

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  1. my daughter is still a little too young for these, but shes already bad with long trips, so i can only imagine how she will be when she gets older. these will help big time though! 🙂

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