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Another Steroid Days

The youngest in the family has been experiencing coughs and colds for more than a month now. We meet his pedia doctor at The Medical City almost every week and he was prescribed with different medicines already. He also had a test on primary complex but was negative. Apparently, the medicines (and antibiotics) doesn’t show any positive progress on him. Until he’s now with a hoarse voice and having a hard time coughing, and worst, he peed on his pants.

I admit I am to blame when I only thought recently about visiting his pulmonary doctor, Dra. Jean Marie Jamero. And as I expected, she heard whizzing sound at my son’s back. He’s beginning to have an asthma attack again.

Dra. Jamero prescribed the following:

Procaterol Hydrochloride : 5ml every 12 hours x 7 days

Prednisolone : 5ml once a day x 3 days

Montelukast Sodium : 1 chewable tablet once a day

Prednisolone is a corticosteroid. My son had a steroid maintenance for 6 months when he was more than one year old only because of broncho-asthma. There was an attempt by doctor at The Medical City to give him steroid maintenance but I refused. But I think I cannot get away with it now. Sooner or later, his pulmonary doctor would recommend it, again.

I am afraid of the side effects of steroids to him. But if this will save his life, we are willing to take the risks.

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  1. Hello OPT. I am looking for a very good Pedia-Pulmonologist for my daughter. We live here in Quezon City so I checked Medicard for their accredited Pedia-Pulmonologists and Search showed Dra. Jamero in the list. Is she good? How’s your kid? Is he OK now?

    1. Hello there, so far, Dra. Jamero is a good one. My son had several pedia doctors already and so far we keep on coming back to her. 😀

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