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An Afternoon of Pampering at the Nestle Acti-V Go Lounge

Juggling fieldwork, article writing, and my mom duties are not always as easy as it seems to many. A lot of people think that mothers have superpowers and can do everything all at the same time without running out of energy. Though seems to be able to handle busy schedules, Moms can be overwhelmed by work and duties and need a break too. Thankfully, I got mine when I was invited to the Nestle Acti-V Go Lounge.

Together with my daughter, I enjoyed a day of pampering at the Romulo Café. The event organizers laid out several relaxing activities for us to enjoy at our own leisure. We were the first guests to arrive so I was able to enjoy my relaxing Hand Massage. One of Romulo Café’s function rooms was turned into a day spa where we could have a Head and Scalp Massage with Aroma Oil, Back Massage with Cold Pebbles, Hand Massage, Hand Paraffin, and Foot Massage with Hot Stone.

From the spa treatment, my daughter and I decorated our own canvas chiller bag. There’s just something about creating art that relaxes one’s mind. When you’re lost in drawing or painting – creating your own masterpiece – you tend to forget all your worries. I can’t remember the last time I picked up a crayon or colored pen to doodle so this activity was definitely a refreshing one for me.

Once we were done decorating our canvas bags, my daughter and I grabbed some truffle popcorn and Nestle Acti-V smoothies then headed to the Kasiyahan room to watch some short films. There were four short silent films being shown and all of them were light and feel-good films. Even my six-year-old daughter enjoyed watching.

While waiting for THE Miss Cherie Gil to arrive, we hit the buffet table which was laden with Romulo Cafe’s signature appetizers and salads. There was Pomelo Salad, Pinoy Nachos, Smoked Bangus Pate with Pandesal Chips, Cheese and Vigan Longganisa Dumplings, Tinapa Roll, and Penne Carbonara with Vigan Longganisa. The spread was a bit too much for afternoon snack but I had no need to worry about indigestion because we were also served a cup of Nestle Acti-V yogurt.

The Nestle Acti-V yogurt happens to be one of Miss Cherie Gil’s secret to keeping gorgeous and healthy despite nearing her golden years. When she arrived at the venue, I was totally awed by her grace and poise. She may be often seen as the evil contravida on screen, but in real life she’s the pleasant and down-to-earth bida. She does exude that air of nobility – much like a queen – but has none of the haughtiness you’d expect from a contravida.

Asked how she keeps so fit and healthy, Miss Cherie says that eating healthy food is a must. However, she also confesses that meals during shoots are not always as healthy. Though she would rather have her own healthy food prepared, she sometimes does not have a choice. Oh yes, the life of an actress if not as glamorous as it appears. What she does to ensure that she doesn’t end up having tummy problems is to bring with her some Nestle Acti-V. Taking at least one cup a day ensures that she does not suffer from constipation.

Why Nestle Acti-V? Well, Nestle Acti-V is so much more than just a yogurt. It is the only yogurt that has ACTIFIBRAS which are active fibers that improve digestion and help regulate bowel movement. Just imagine, one cup of Nestle Acti-V gives you the same amount of fiber you get from one bowlful of salad greens. Moreover, it is much more convenient to eat and to bring to work. It is available in a cup as a yogurt, and in a small plastic bottle as a yogurt drink. Just head on over to Facebook and Like NestleActiV to know more about this yogurt that keeps Miss Cherie Gil looking absolutely gorgeous.

We went home that afternoon with Miss Cherie Gil’s secret to healthy living, a relaxed mind and body, a personalized Nestle Acti-V pillow, and a canvas chiller bag filled with Nestle Acti-V. To say that our afternoon was delightful is an understatement.

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