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Achieving Healthy Arguments With Your Partner

Arguments, which sometimes could lead to hurting each other, are unhealthy to any relationships. Most likely, women let their emotions ruled which they might regret later on.

It is easier said than done, but the key to avoid escalation of a conflict is staying calm. Whether you and your partner are in public or not, better to watch out your temper. As many would say it, there are more effective ways to prove the other person wrong.

Here are some useful tips that you might consider:

1. Keep the neutral voice level. I am guilty of freaking out before when I and my husband were arguing about something petty! So when I started shouting, sometimes, he couldn’t bear it with his very long patience so he would raised his voice too. Learning to control your emotions and keeping your voice level and tone neutral are not easy, really. So, why not take a deep breath, count one to ten, and relax.

2. Do not bring up the past incidents. Most woman are like that, admit it. Especially when the guy gets so stubborn and refused to accept your point, the woman tends to rehash all sorts of past incidents which lead to more heated arguments over and over. A conflict should have a resolution, if you keep on bringing up old ghosts, it will not solve anything.

3. Refrain from making each other look bad. You’re wrong when you are trying to win an argument with your partner by being the good guy in the scenario and thus will make the other person feel awful. It will just hurt your relationships more. Also, avoid making veiled insults or giving your guy the silent treatment for it serves no purpose.

4. Honesty. Just to end the argument, you will keep your true feelings and then kissed and made up. but you knew to yourself that you are not happy, and this feeling of discontent will grow soon until you cannot bear to stay silent and explode again. Before this happens, find time to talk about your feelings.

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  1. Oh my, I ticked all those when it comes to arguing with the husband. And worst is the silence that drive him nuts up to this days. Great tips and tfs!

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