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A Walt Disney World Treat Surprise

From Disney fairies to ever favorite Mickey Mouse and the gang, almost all of Disney characters are already memorized by my 4-year old girl and one-year old boy.

How can they not? Every day, they love watching either Disney Junior or Disney Channel on television. The never miss any Disney programs and movies. What is more interesting, they already knew the schedule of all the shows! Is that what you called addiction to Disney?

And then, I and my hubby realized that our children deserve a wonderful treat. We planned to bring them to Walt Disney World where they can personally watch and meet most of the characters.

Right now, I am taking advantage of available air fare promos to Florida, United States. Also, finding an awesome yet affordable Disney World Vacation Packages is challenging and exciting!

We have not told this undertaking to our kids. We want to surprise them! We will surely treasure that would be most memorable moment in our family.

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