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A Premium Corned #mmmTakesTime

Corned beef has been our family’s one of the favorites. May it be in ginisa, potato pancakes, glazed, with cabbage, hash or plainly heated on microwave, corned beef never failed to fill our stomach with happiness.

And this is why we’ve got excited when we tried Swift Premium Corned Beef, especially its tender, slow-cooked flavor.

The cured and slightly-salted goodness of Swift Premium Corned Beef satisfied everyone in the family.┬áThe sumptuous beef flavors and juices could be because of Swift’s unique slow-cooking process.

What’s more appealing is the easy open can which would allow us to bring and indulge it anytime, anywhere. Especially for a Mom always-on-the-go like me, this would come in handy.

But just a reminder in consuming canned goods, it’s still advisable to pull out the food from the can and make sure you heat it, if not cooking it.

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