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A play Yard That Keep Them Together

Both of my kids are so active. Since we do not have a playroom yet, my daughter scattered all her toys at the living room. However, it is not safe for my little boy especially that he is learning how to walk independently.

Good thing that blogger friend Pehpot.com borrowed me her play yard which now serves as their play area. But I asked my daughter to minimized or bring at least two toys inside the play yard to avoid accidents.

And in that way, they could have more bonding moments.

[Contained but having fun.]

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  1. What cute children. Not only a good place to bond, and keeping your young son safe from falling over scattered toys, it gives you freedom to do your chores without the worry of constantly watching them. Safety for our children is our number one concern. The play yards were a good invention.

  2. Hi! I’m searching for a play yard for my son. And I was wondering of you could recommend a brand or better a shop where we could buy one. Thanks and hope to hear from you soon.

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