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A Must-Visit Family-Friendly Hotel

Planning a family trip can be stressful yet exciting. However, the very first thing that would come to your mind, do you have enough budget for the travel, food and accommodation?

Of course there are many hotels which offer affordable rates, but, do they offer best services too?

Eurotel is not just the leading businessman’s hotel, but has a huge potential of becoming a family hotel too. If you’re travelling in the Philippines, try the unique lodging services of Eurotel — the only lodging chain in the country that uses a distinctively European theme and motif. The hotel maintain modern-day standards of sanitation and safety.

I am patronizing Eurotel for a long time now. I usually stay in one of their branches in Metro Manila when I cannot be able to go home because of the hectic and demanding schedule of my work. With a short period of resting time, Eurotel really provide its clients the convenience and comfort they need at a very affordable price. I was able to recharged and go back to work again in full spirit.

Some people would have a negative impression of Eurotel as one of those motorist’s hotel (Motel), which others believe became a hub for infidelity and other discreet relationships. Well, maybe that’s because Eurotel offers short-time stay (3 or 4 hours) just like other motels. But a visit to their other branch would prove it wrong.

A visit to Eurotel Angeles gave me another reason to keep on patronizing them. A wider and well-presented lobby would tell you, “Welcome To Your Hotel” and yes, no couples hiding in chairs with dividers.

As I enter to the Suite 1 room, I could categorically say, “Yes I am sleeping here.” Well, I tried to look for mosquitoes, cockroaches and other insects but I cannot find them the whole time I was there.

There are fast food chains and restaurants nearby the hotel, but if you were able to taste their food and learned how affordable they are, you wouldn’t bother going out. They served us great tasting food! And I especially love their Crispy Pinakbet and the fruit salad with cheese!

If you’re planning to visit Pampanga, let Eurotel people pamper you. There are a lot of places to visit and things to do in the province too like Pinatubo Trek, dipping at Puning Hot Spring, horseback-riding along Sacobia river, RC sailing at Lakeshore Estates, boating and kayaking at Clark, visiting Dinosaurs Island, Paradise Ranch and Zoocobia, among others.

What’s new about Eurotel now, it has business function rooms for seminars, conventions and other social events. Eurotel also offer spa, Eurozen bar and bistro. Of course, the best part for online savvy like me, they have free wi-fi!

Moreover, Eurotel also care for its customer’s safety.

Next time I visit Eurotel (next target is Boracay Eurotel or Baguio Eurotel), I will bring my kids.

Our BIG THANKS to Ms. Gilda Cruz, Eurotel Angeles manager; Ms. Bea Mallari, Eurotel Advertising & Promotions Manager and of course to Ella Sullano for accommodating us and for the wonderful experience at the hotel.

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