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A Mother’s Day Special: Why I Love Being A Mom?

“Mommy, you’re the best!”

I was surprised when my 4-year old daughter hugged me and told me those words while I am bathing her. I asked why, then she replied, “For taking care of me and my little brother. I am so happy!”

I stopped and watched her eyes, kissed her and then continue bathing her. She keeps smiling at me. On my mind, I want to shout to happiness. This is the reward of being a Mom. Priceless happiness! The ecstasy was more fueled by my 1-year old boy who now learned how to return kisses and hugs to us. He is so sweet and irresistible.

What can I ask for? Do I need more wealth and influence? The love and affection I got from my little kids are enough treasures. And as they listen and learn from me and they become benevolent children, that are enough influence already!

I am an influencer? Read what my toddler suggested electricity saving tips:

1. “Mommy, dapat kapag walang tao sa kuwarto, papatayin po ang ilaw at ang aircon.” (If there’s no one in the room, turn-off the light and the air con.)
2. “Lolo, kapag po walang nanunuod ng TV, papatayin kasi sayang kuryente.” (Grandpa, if there’s no one watching the television, we should turned it off to save energy.)
3. “Mommy, kapag nagsasabon lang po ng kamay, papatayin ang gripo para hindi sayang ang tubig.” (Mommy, when washing hands with soap, close the faucet if it is not in use.)

My children’s progress are incomparable life’s achievements. It is more than other recognitions I received. What’s more fulfilling is to see them achieved their own humble accolades too.

And witnessing how the siblings love and took care of each other, it gave me comfort and assurance. I am confident that I brought responsible citizens in the world.

I was very wrong to believe before that motherhood is a life of a hell or maybe I fear that I may not be a good Mom since I grew as a career woman. God just love me and want me happy so He gifted me a loving family.

I heard my little girl keep singing..”God is good to me..He hold my hands, God is good to me.” And yes, she was right.


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