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A Hello Kitty Day!

My daughter and son were like Tom and Jerry, although they don’t frequently fight. But they are more like Hello Kitty and Mickey Mouse – sweet, loving and fun to be with.

My son is a die-hard Mickey Mouse fan, even before sleep he keep on looking at the mouse’ photo. My daughter is a Hello Kitty lover and she has a huge collection as much as her Barbie dolls.

Yesterday, we visited a mall where Hello Kitty appeared for picture taking opportunity. However, before you’ve got a chance to go up on stage and meet and greet Hello Kitty, you have to secure a ticket first. To get a ticket, you’ll need to buy their items at least P500.

Since my daughter was eager to hug Hello Kitty, I bought some stuffs to get a ticket.

Before going up on stage alone, she admitted that she’s kind a nervous because she never realized that Hello Kitty is big!

And she just can’t get enough of this white kitty! She went around the miniatures of houses and did some posing. She wished to enter the houses but my daughter quickly aback by saying she might ruined it because she’s too big!

It was a very short meet and greet with Hello Kitty but the happiness it gave to my daughter will last long.

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  1. How cute your daughter is. Meeting Hello Kitty is a big deal, and something that she will remember for a long time. Has your son met Mickey Mouse? He is just as big as Hello Kitty.

  2. I can see from your lovely daughter’s eyes that she’s really happy when she met Hello Kitty! I know little girls love Hello Kitty co’z my daughter loves it too! 🙂

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