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A Fun-Filled Vitapops Wacky Science Fair

The Music Hall in Mall of Asia was filled with laughter and challenges as the young kids learned and enjoyed the experience in Vitapops Wacky Science Fair.

The educational fair allowed kids to perform various science experiments, mental and physical challenges and they also have some pampering and play! The day was too short for them to enjoy more but it was such a memorable day for many kids and their parents.

The Vita Pops Wacky Science Fair was hosted by Rikka Dylim, a well-respected public relations personality in the entertainment industry. Daphne Osena-Paez, a TV host and personality, was the event’s guest, as she shared her kids’ experience on VitaPops. She also talked about modern parenting tips and how she manages to take care of her kids in fun way despite her busy schedule.

But while the parents allowed their children to be active in different activities, keeping them healthy and protected is a must. It is important for kids to constantly take Vitamin C supplements to fight sickness, especially that most of them are too active yet eating only junk food and sweets which are not enough to provide the right nutrients that their body need.

Are you still chasing your child to take a Vitamin? And you will just give up when tired of convincing him? Unilab, the country’s leading healthcare provider, has come up with an innovative product that strikes the perfect balance between having fun and being healthy. From the makers of Ceelin comes VitaPops, the first & only pop rocks Vitamin C for kids that fizzles inside the mouth, which makes taking vitamins an experience that kids look forward to!

“We, at Unilab, are excited to introduce this vitamin that will definitely make taking Vitamin C a fun, memorable experience. VitaPops is the first & only pop rocks Vitamin C in the country,” shared VitaPops Product Manager Joseph Aruta. “Aside from its unique format, VitaPops comes in a single-dose sachet making it more convenient for moms and kids to bring around, has 1/5 the sugar content compared to your regular vitamins and is formulated with Sodium Ascorbate making it tummy-friendly. With VitaPops, we hope to give moms & kids a healthy yet fun compromise.”

There are a lot of children’s Vitamin C available in the market today and choosing the right one can get confusing for moms. It’s important to remember that children’s opinion when choosing a vitamin brand is essential. If the kids like their vitamins then moms will not have a hard time getting them to take it.

* VitaPops is available in all leading drugstores nationwide. It costs PHP10 / sachet. VitaPops can be taken once or twice a day, or as directed by a pediatrician.

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  1. My niece would love these things. My nephew and his fiance are always trying to get her to take vitamins but she is very picky. I will have to tell them about this. The party looked like a lot of fun, too!

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