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5 Ways To Rid All Your Winter Things This Summer

As the chilly nights give way to the warmth of spring, it’s time to attend to the annual task of packing away your winter gear. This can be quite an onerous task but it always feels good when it’s completed, a bit like a breath of fresh air.

One of the big issues most people face at this time is where to store all their winter clothes and contraptions for the next six to nine months. If you have a spare room or a large home with storage options this is easy. But for those with a full house, in city apartments and similar situations, this matter is not so readily handled.

A great option to consider is making use of a storage facility close to your home. Companies like Fort Knox have facilities in convenient locations all over Queensland. It’s simply a matter of hiring the amount of space you need, packing up your winter goods and dropping them off. Then you have your whole place clutter free, ready to enjoy summer. And this option is surprisingly inexpensive.

Getting Ready for Storage

Winter woollens, thick jackets and boots all need to be cleared from your wardrobe. These take up an inordinate amount of space and often begin to smell musty if left in the wardrobe over summer. Freshen up your clothes cupboard by taking all your winter garments, bar a few light sweaters, and make way for your summer collection.

It is well worth hanging your winter clothing out on the clothesline on a sunny, breezy day to get rid of dust and moisture, this will freshen them up ready for storage. Electric blankets, heavy blankets and underlays should also be aired before packing away. Heaters should be well dusted and cleaned in order to keep them in good order during storage.

Short on Space? Consider a Storage Facility

Depending on the size of your winter wardrobe, finding space to store your winter woollies can be a problem. If you are a spare bedroom with a built-in cupboard you can simply move your winter wear straight in there to ready your wardrobe for your summer gear. If you have ample storage space in the form of linen or other cupboards then your winter clothing can go there. Adding some moth balls or Epsom salts is always a good idea.

If you are utilizing the services of a storage facility, it’s simple, straightforward and safe.

1. Air your clothes on the line on a sunny day.
2. Pack them in cardboard packing boxes with some moth balls or Epsom salts. These are readily available for purchase at most storage facilities and are sturdy and durable for safe storage
3. Book your space. You can do this over the phone or using the online calculators available on most storage facility websites.
4. Pack your goods into the storage space, heaviest items to the back and bottom.
5. Go home and relax and enjoy summer!

Most storage facilities have excellent security so your winter things can rest happily and safely until the season turns cool again. And you can enjoy the extra space in your home all summer long!

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