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5 Ways To Personalize Your Gift

As fun as it can be, sometimes gift-giving can also be a real chore. Thinking about what to get for your friend, relative or special someone is a known cause of anxiety and stress. Well it’s time you relax as we have done all the thinking for you and come up with a list of 5 sure-fire ways to make sure that the present you give is unforgettable.


Anything made form metal can be engraved with a custom message that makes the item you’re giving unique and memorable. If it’s a 21st birthday you might consider a metal flask with a message inscribed. A lot of electronic items can be engraved also, some companies even offering custom laser inscription onto their freshly minted pieces of technology. Jewelry and trinkets are a timeless gift that can be customized with messages written on by professionals, great for both men and women.

Wrapping Paper

You can make your own beautiful wrapping paper using flower presses and maluable artists paper available from art supplies stores. Try pressing in your friend’s favourite flowers or some large leaves for a more rustic effect. Using multi-coloured cellophane to create layer upon layer of vibrancy is another trick sure to wow anyone who loves rainbows. Make sure to start with a white paper base layer though so that the contents of the gift isn’t revealed too soon!

Have the perfect gift to give but not the right card to go along with it? Or are you just going to give a card to mark the occasion? Well in both situations why not make a really lasting memory by giving a custom photo card? There are a slew of services on the internet, such as Vistaprint, that allow you to upload a photo and have it printed onto a card to then give as part of a gift or just a gift in its own right! Vistaprint cards have the added advantage of being printed and delivered really quickly at a reasonable cost, so even if you’ve left the decision making very you probably will still be able to make the deadline.

Exciting Delivery

Think of an original way to present the gift to the person that you’re giving it to. If they like surprises then maybe throw a big surprise party. Or if they have a sense of humour why not dress up in costume and give them a fright at their place of work or where they go to school. Keep in mind the idea that it’s “the thought that counts” and you should be able to come up with some truly classic method of gift delivery.

Film it!

If it’s a gift that the person has wanted since forever, or never in a million years thought that they would get, have a camera ready and film the experience. Capture the moment so that you and they can look back on what a special memory it was the day they received that present from you.

Personalizing a gift is a fun and inventive way of leaving a lasting impression on someone you care about. Start with the above five ideas and with time why not branch out and come up with your own. Your friends won’t be able to thank you enough.

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  1. the only thing I would suggest on engraving is to make sure it’s something they would want. I can’t tell you how many picture frames i have engraved with names and dates of weddings I was in that I really have no use for. I don’t really need something with someone elses names and date in my house 20 years after the fact.

  2. Good article! I agree with your idea of the Vistaprint cards. They are fun to make and receive, also their calendars are great gifts. Sometimes, for the grand kids, I like to hide their gifts and they use clues to hunt for them!

  3. Your ideas about making gifts personal is so cool and artful. I really like the ideas and will use some of them for my sisters birthday in 2 weeks Thanks again for the clever ideas

  4. I’m so bad at giving gifts that I stopped. Now I just send cards. If I had filmed the last gift giving occasion I’d probably cry every time I saw it.

  5. I love the idea of dressing up to deliver the gift – how much fun it would be to do this in an embarrassing situation for some laughs.

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