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5 Ways to Make Sure Your Kids Don’t Lose Their Things at School

Children are always going to lose something at school. In the excitement of play or when getting off the bus, things can accidentally be left behind. However, there are ways to ensure your child’s lost items are returned to them. It can be very frustrating as a parent when your child comes home minus a hat, jumper, lunchbox or any other item. These items cost money and it can take up a lot of time trying to track down lost items.

Take to school what is necessary

There is a place for everything and some of the items your child may want to take to school, may not be permitted under school rules. The less a child takes to school, the less there is to lose. Don’t allow them to take treasured items to show their friends. This is a good way to lose something.

Important notes

Stress to your children that notes from teachers about school events such as excursions, parent teacher interviews, assignments and the canteen are important. Select a pocket in their school bag for important notes to go. This way, you can check for them when they get home.

Missing Items

Make sure your child is aware of what they take to school. If they come home and say they left something behind, it will be very easy to track down. It is no use remembering in a week that they didn’t bring their jumper home.

Label everything

At the beginning of each school year, label absolutely everything. Put named laundry tags on clothing such as hats, jumpers and school uniforms. Once children start swimming lessons or sports, uniforms can easily go astray. Also label every stationery item. This way there can be no confusion as to who owns what.


Children have a need to take many small things to school, such as bus passes or mummy or daddy cards. Bus passes could be attached to a lanyard. This will make it much easier to find in the dark depths of a school bag. Similarly, mummy or daddy cards can be attached with a split ring to the inside of your child’s school bag. If your child takes a water bottle to school, a backpack with a specific space for a water bottle on the outside is a good idea.

So you’ve labelled everything with Vistaprint custom stickers. Stickers are a great way of identifying what belongs to whom. Choose stickers with large bold lettering for easy to read identification by your child. Even if you do your utmost it is inevitable that, throughout the school year, some items may go missing. If items are left off school grounds, such as a swimming pool or during interschool sports, they can be hard to recover. Don’t stress if the occasional item goes missing. Days at school and extracurricular activities make for a busy life for adults and children alike. As long as you’ve taken the proper preparation to ensure items are correctly labelled, you can accept that the odd item may not return home.

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