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5 Things To Think About When Throwing An Outdoor Event

Outdoor events can be stunningly beautiful or a disastrous hit and miss. It can either linger in the minds of everyone for years to come, or become easily forgotten. But the main thing that outdoor events can do is bring everyone together. In light of this you should check out companies like Fabric Solutions who specialize in outdoor shelters for all your special events. This list has five things to think about when throwing an outdoor event, all of which are critical to throwing a fantastic garden party, or even a luscious river engagement party.

Chose an outdoor location that is right for you

An outdoor event can be held almost anywhere as long as the proper permits are attained. For example, a backyard is as good a place as a church for a wedding, and a lakeside can be as romantic as the beach at twilight for an engagement party. Parks and rooftops can also be transformed into elegant settings, as long as they are adequately decorated.

Remember to hold your outdoor event in the right season

Whether if it’s a birthday, an engagement, or even a wedding, it is important to choose the right season to hold your outdoor event. You will need to check out your site in advance, just to make sure you know how many people can fit comfortably.A meadow might just be the perfect outdoor area for an afternoon event in the summer, however as the day ends the night might become cold and unbearable.

Chose a backup location in case of unpredictable weather

Nobody can control the weather, but you can control how your event is affected by it. It is important to choose a backup location if you event is scheduled during the rainy season. If your event is to be held outside, consider booking an in-door party room just in case the weather turns bad. This would be located at the same venue, or near your venue, so you and your guests do not have to travel far.

Be aware of food to avoid

When it comes to choosing your menu, try and chose the foods that do not require a lot of refrigeration. Stay clear of creamy foods that contain milk or mayonnaise, and dairy products that do not have a long shelf life. Make sure your food is contained in dishes with easy to remove lids that are not able to become contaminated with harmful bacteria.

Make sure you have adequate insect repellent

Insects can be the buzz kill of the party, especially at an outdoor event. Many people believe that mosquitoes only live in warm habitats, however they live also live cooler climates, and are likely to feast in the late afternoon. A great deterrent is long sleeves, however in the warmer months, this just isn’t an option. To combat this problem, use insect repellent and scents such as perfume, cologne, and fragrant deodorants.

By following these five suggestions, your outside event will be an occasion to celebrate for many years to come!

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  1. When we have plans, always keep on our mind to have plan B, C and so on for some reasons. Because unexpected things happens! 😉

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