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  1. Haha! Clean the disposal – I’m sure my husband knows how to do this, but he claims he doesn’t just so he doesn’t have to.

  2. I think every man and WOMAN NEEDS to know how to change a tire. I taught my daughter because there was no way she was going to drive without knowing how to put a tire on a car.

  3. Haha! These are classic! Though I don’t let my husband do any handy things around the house. He’s a complete disaster when it comes to making or fixing things, so I do it. And I enjoy it, too! If anything comes in the mail that has instructions on how to put it together, it’s my job. The only reason he comes to help is if I can’t get a screw all the way in and need the extra muscle. But he follows my exact directions on anything and everything or he gets “fired” from helping. lol

  4. I would hope every man and woman would know whats on that infographic-they are all ‘learn as you go’ type situations, but growing up working in my dad’s garage, anything to do with cars was second nature to me-but when I gave birth to my son I was completely lost and learned as I went. The infographic should read 5 Important Tasks Everyone Should Know. Thank you for the post.

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