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4 Great Tool Boxes For The Busy Man

If you don’t have hours and hours to devote to tool organization, you might be tempted to just throw your hammers on your pegboard and call it a day. It’s hard to care about swivel compartments or tubular locking systems when you can barely fit your home repairs into your busy schedule in the first place. But what if there existed a tool box that was functional and convenient? What if you could keep your equipment neat and orderly with almost no effort at all? Here are four such tool boxes for busy professionals.

1: Waterloo 4-Drawer Workbench

Combining the surface area of a workbench with the storage capacity of a tool box, the Waterloo is perfect for the simple man. You don’t even have to get out of your chair to take advantage of its drawers, sliding trays and inner organizational system. You can complete projects right there on the workbench and then put your tools away with no exertion required.

2: Extreme Tools 16″ 3-Drawer Side Locker Cabinet

With three drawers, one shelf and plenty of room for everything from socket screws to power drills, this upright tool box will make a great addition to any garage. Its ball-bearing glides can support up to 100lbs per drawer, and its strong aluminum design means it can handle anything you choose to throw at it.

3: Excel 26″ 4-Drawer Metal Toolchest

If you don’t need a large, imposing tool box, this chest offers a quick and easy way to keep things sorted. It has multiple trays, yes, but it’s also just 26 inches from side to side, so there isn’t room for you to get confused or frustrated by fiddly parts and overly complicated mechanisms.

4: Extreme Tools 70″ Pit Box

Toeing the edge between functionality and extravagance, this tool box ultimately gets a pass due to its maneuverability. It actually comes with wheels and a handle for transport! You can take it anywhere in the garage or on the construction site, so you’ll have no more excuses for just leaving your tools everywhere. This pit box can stay right beside you.

If you’re tired of clutter but lacking the time to do anything about it, these tool boxes will help you regain control of your garage by establishing order and putting everything in a proper place. Effort is half the battle, so just buying a good tool box is a great start. Read more and start shopping here.

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